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Monday, 4 November 2013

Exposing Human Service to end users in IBM BPMv8.0

Exposing Human Service to end users  in IBM BPMv8.0:-

In this post I would like to explain different ways of exposing  a Human Service to users.

The Choices Available to us are:-
  • Not Exposed
  • Administration Service
  • Startable Service
  • Dashboard
  • URL


If you have a scenario to Like end user has to start Human Service once end user submit the data and click it has to start a BPD.

  • How Can I make Human Service available to end users?

Ans:   Choose any one of the way from below ways.

  • How Can I invoke a BPD from Human Service?

Ans: One way Use InvokeUCA Activity and configure this UCA to message start event in BPD

Not exposed:-
This is a default setting with this option Human service not exposed to external application to start. In this case in order to use the HS you need to configure in any of the  BPD.
Go to Overview tab for above Human Service.

Administration Service:-

With this option we can start Human service from process admin console . If you observe the below diagram “MyGroup” is Participant Group name and We can start this HS from Process Admin console.
Note:-The users in Participant Group  “MyGroup” Can only start the service.

Login to ProcessAdmin console and Check Left box.  Process Application name,EPVHS is Human service name.

Startable Service:-

With this option users in Participant group “MyGroup” can start service (BPD,HS..etc) from Process Portal.

Here Observe Right Side in process portal .Human service displayed in launch tab,Click on that .

Note :- If name of the exposed HumanServices in two Process Application then it will display humanservice with process app name.

For example  HS1(ProcessApp1), HS1(ProcessApp2).


With this option users in Participant group “MyGroup” can start service (BPD,HS..etc) from Dashboard in  Process Portal.

With this option users in Participant group “MyGroup” can invoke service  directly with the URL. If the URL is enteredinto a browser, the user can go directly to the Human Service.

Syntax for URL:-

For this case:

  • <processAppAcronym>= UTPA(Acronym of Process Application)
  • <serviceName>=EPVHS (name  of the Human Service)

So URL is:-

Once you enter the URL in browser it will display Login page enter username and password .

Then it will display HumanService.

If you want to pass the data to HumanService(EPVHS) we need to send the values to query string


processApp=<processAppAcronym>&serviceName=<serviceName>[&tw.local.variableName=value ...]

tw.local.variableName is input variable in EPVHS Human Service.

I hope this post helps you. So far this is my best effort to explain. Please correct me if I do anything wrong.

Please share your valuable suggestions and feedback to my mail  id"mdondetisbit@gmail.com" to improve myself.