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Saturday, 5 December 2015

Integration of IBM BPM with Database Server on IBM Bluemix

As I posted importance of “iPaaS: (Moving EAI/SOA to the Cloud /microSOA)

I started coding with IBM Cloud Services and “Making your hands dirty with Bluemix”.


“RetrieveCustomersInfo” displays all customer records in cloud DB to IBM BPM coach

  • Create a database server on IBM Bluemix.
  • Create Human Service to display Customers Info.

Create a database server on Bluemix.

 To create a database services on Bluemix follow below steps

  • In your browser login to IBM BlueMix.
  • In the Boilerplate's section of the Blue-mix catalog, click Java DB Web Starter:  
  • In the Java DB Web Starter creation page, specify the name of your application (for example,CustomerCheck) on the right. This name forms part of the URL of your application Bluemix, so it must be unique
  •  Click  CREATE. You'll see a page showing you the details of your app, after a short while you can see that your application has started, now have a Liberty runtime and a database server running in the cloud, ready for you to deploy your application to.
  • To get the information you need to connect to the database, click Show Credentials on the SQL Database service tile:
  • Note down the db, hostname, port, username, and password values from the credentials section.
  •    Use any database client tools  like “DB visualizer”.to create table and insert data as shown below.

    Create an IBM BPM Service to display customer info:-

    • Create a data source on IBM WAS Server as shown below. 
    • Create a Human Service to Display customer records and run it. 

      Thanks for your time ,hope this post helps you. So far this is my best effort to explain. Please correct me if I do anything wrong.

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