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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Shared Business Objects Usage in IBM BPMv8.0

Hello friends I would like to share scenario on usage of Shared Business Objects Usage in IBM BPMv8.0

About Shared Business Object:-

Shared Business object values should be accessible to other instances at run time. Shared business objects only apply to a complex structure type. The data within a shared business object is shared between business processes and tasks.

     A shared business object uses database resources. The data within a shared object is persisted to the database when:

  • The shared object is created
  • The business process or task is persisted to the database
  • The JavaScript method save() is performed on the shared business object

Declaring Shared Business Object:-

Example Scenario:-

 This Scenario display a employee details on simple coach .One employee variable is shared Bo type and another one is unshared Bo type.

Variable declaration in BPD and Human Service:-

Running the Sample:-

 Employee HS output:-

This is first coach which is displaying the default values and click on ok button.Then flow will create a token on Employee1 (Usertask )  and Employee1(Usertask ) as I used parallel gateway it will wait until two tasks done.

Edit Employee1 HS output:-
 Change the values in Enter Last name field in Employee share and Employee Noshare  fields(i.e D to Dondeti)

Click on Ok button then flow waits  at Edit Employee2 HS out put. Run the service.

If you observe the above coach the value which I changed in EditEmployee1HS is affected to Employee Share BO because it was shared business object type.

How to initialize and Retrieve a shared Business Object Using Javascript:-

Ability to explicitly load shared Business Object if required using theunique key associated with it
• Loading a shared Business Object
            tw.local.empShare= newtw.object.EMPLOYEESHARE(uniqueKey)
• Getting the unique key:
// Create shared object
var empShare = new tw.object.EMPLOYEESHARE();
empShare.lastName = "Dondeti";

// Create key for shared object
tw.local.empShareKey = empShare.metadata("key");
log.info("empShareKey: " + tw.local. empShareKey);

// Retrieve shared object by key
var empShare2 = new tw.object.EMPLOYEESHARE (tw.local.empShareKey);
log.info("empShare2. lastName: " + empShare2. lastName);

Thanks for reading .I hope this post helps you. So far this is my best effort to explain. Please correct me if I do anything wrong.

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