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Friday, 24 June 2016

How to pass query parameters with HTTP binding in IID

How to pass query parameters  with HTTP Binding in IBM Integration Designer:-


“Get Product Info HTTP Service ”  retrieves product info from  database based on product id

For example if you see below SOAP UI screenshot ,

If you observe URL (http://localhost:9082/ProcuctInfo_ProviderWeb/ProductInfo_ProviderExport?pid=M786) ,product id passed through URL instead of body ,Response got from  database

Now ,how can we  implement HTTP client service  for Get Product Info HTTP Service in IID
  • How  to invoke a HTTP Service  from IID?
  • How to convert client request to query parameters and Prepare target URL?

HTTP Client Module in IID:-

If  you observe below Assembly diagram, it have mediation flow and HTTP Import configured with URL without query parameter.

If you go to mediation flow ,Used "HTTPHeaderSetter primitive" to construct URL with query parameters

Using  DynamicOverrideURL in "HTTPHeaderSetter Primitive " constructed the url  ,here product id (which comes in request) set dynamically using Xpath as query parameter. Please see below

Move  DynamicOverrideURL to  SMOHeader/target/address  using mapping primitive.

Make sure  "use dynamic endpoint if set in the message header" checked for service invoke

Testing Using Integration Test Client:



Hope this post helps you. So far this is my best effort to explain. Please correct me if I do anything wrong.
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