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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Integrating the paging query of WebSphereAdapter for JDBC in IBM Business ProcessManager V7.5

 New feature in BPMV7.5:-

WebSphere® Adapter for JDBC runs on IBM® Business Process Manager V7.5and enables bidirectional communication between databases and applications.Beginning with IBM BPM V7.5, WebSphere Adapter for JDBC added a built-inpaging query functionality. Learn how to configure and use the paging query, aswell as multiple ways to integrate paging query in IBM BPM.

Paging query mechanism:-
Staring with Version 7.5, JDBC Adapter provided a built-in capability of paging queryby adding three InteractionSpec attributes for the RetrieveAll operation:
enablePaging: RetrieveAll will do a paging query when enablePaging is setto true. By default, it is set to false, and the JDBC Adapter performs the querythrough all the records.
pageSize: This specifies the size of the returned resultsets.
startIndex: This specifies the start position for a paging query. For example,startIndex=10 and pageSize=50 mean a paging query will return 50 records,starting at the 11th record.