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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Overview of IBM Business Process Manager (IBPMv8.0)

IBM Business Process Manager (IBPM) provides a platform on which Business Processes can be described, implemented, executed and monitored.

  •  BPM goal is efficient business process with visibility.
  • The BPM system is the  management of people to people work steps,system to system communication  and person to system interaction.
  •  The BPM expected result is the process improvement  that  bring about financial benefits customer and employee satisfaction. 

Process Center:-
  The process center provides a central design time  environment and repository for process applications.      Process Applications are deployed from process center to process server for execution and testing by users.

Process Server:-Process Servers are the components/engines which run the business processes described by BPDs. During development, the processes run on an instance of a Process Server located at the Process Center.
Performance Data Warehouse:-
The Performance Data Warehouse is responsible for collecting and managing data originated by
Process Server instances.  The separation of the Process Servers from the Performance Data Warehouse also allows for reports to be generated without impacting the operation of running processes.
Process Center Console:-
The Process Center Console provides a web based interface for managing the Process Center
maintained  projects. This capability is also available within the IBPM PD thick client tool.
Process Portal:-
The IBPM Process Portal provides the primary end user interface for users to start process instances
and see work tasks awaiting their attention.
Process Admin Console:-
The Process Admin Console is a web based interface for system administrators. It provides a
Wealth of functions for system operations.


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