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Monday, 30 September 2013

Creating Coach Views in BPMv8.0


Hello Friends,  I would like to share  simple scenario  on creating Custom Controls with  below scenario.

 This scenario displays no 200’s,100’s,50’s done by Sachin Tendulkar  in three different   
formats(T20,ODI’s,Test’s) based on selection criteria.(As I am a big fan of Sachin ,I had taken this scenario   ).

For the example, I used 3 variables:

  1. T20
  2. Test
  3. Odi
About CoachViews:-
Coach Views are reusable sets of user interface that users use to interact with a business object or service. Coach Views can consist of one or more other Coach Views, data bindings, layout instructions, and behavior.
Given the above scenario, we see there are a couple of different options to us.
Solution 1: Create Boundary events on the selectors which will drive updates to the list of 100’s,200’s, 50’s.
Solution 2: Create a "custom view and wire the change events of there selectors to update the table.

Creating Custom Check Box:-
The modifications we need to make to the checkbox are shown below.

1.      Create a copy of the out of box checkbox control  and Tag the new version so you know it is different (I will name mine checkboxbymahesh).

2.       Now, open your new control on the overview tab and set the Can Fire Boundary Event   
          flag:  and Add  as "MaheshControls" and rename control as "checkboxbymahesh".

3.Open the "Behavior" tab and select the change event .

4.Add the following code "this.context.trigger(function(){});"

5.Create a simple HumanService (SachinHS) to use the created custom check box control. as shown below.
6.Drag the  checkboxbymahesh control form Mahesh Controls as shown below.

7.Run the service then  it will displays below outputs.


Thanks for reading my post.
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