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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Usage of Shared Library in IBM BPM

Usage Shared libraries  in IBM BPM:

Shared Library: Shared libraries are files used by multiple applications. Each shared library consists of a symbolic name, a Java class path, and a native path for loading Java Native Interface (JNI) libraries. You can use shared libraries to reduce the number of duplicate library files on your system.
Usage Of Shared Library:
The WebSphere shared library is a feature in the WebSphere Application Server product that allows you to add resources to the server class loader hierarchy. This solution describes how you can use the SCA library and Java projects with WebSphere shared libraries for by-reference sharing, such that only one instance of the library exists in the run time instead of a library instance that is packaged with each SCA module that references it.

For XML schema and interface definitions, the solution presented here for sharing these artifacts by-reference is simple, but it requires proper use of the target namespace and object names to ensure predictable results at run time:
·      You must constrain the use of target namespaces so that they do not exist in both the WebSphere shared library and the SCA modules that are scoped to the WebSphere Application Server shared library.
·      SCA modules cannot define, redefine, extend, or restrict artifacts of an existing namespace that is contained in a WebSphere shared library.
·     Assets that are contained in a WebSphere shared library cannot define, redefine, extend, or restrict artifacts that are contained in the SCA modules that are scoped to it.

Procedure for creation of shared Library:
Step1: Create a library and make it as global.
Step2: Export the library as a jar.

Step3: Copy the jar file to the specified location.


Step4: Go to administrative console environment>shared libraries .create a new shared library and specify the path in the class path.

Step5: Create a class loader   in Admin console Servers > Server types > WebSphere application servers > server_name. Under Server Infrastructure, expand Java and Process Management then click Class loader.

Class loader ID

Specifies a string that is unique to the server identifying the class-loader instance. The product assigns the identifier.

Class loader order

Specifies whether the class loader searches in the parent class loader or in the application class loader first to load a class. The standard for development kit class loaders and WebSphere® Application Server class loaders is Classes loaded with parent class loader first (Parent first). By specifying Classes loaded with local class loader first (Parent last), your application can override classes contained in the parent class loader, but this action can potentially result in ClassCastException or LinkageErrors if you have mixed use of overridden classes and non-overridden classes.

Step6: Making the project as a EAR file.

Step7: Go to sca modules in the administrative console and click on "install".   Step8: Browse the path of sca module ear file and click next and click on detailed.
Step9: Browse the path of sca module ear file and click next and click on detailed.
Step10: Go to step4 and add the referenced libraries to it.


       Mediation flowSubs are normally used over several mediations. Shared libraries do not support Subflows containing any Business Object Map (BOMap), If a BOMap needs to be shared across mediations, then it needs to be implemented using an SCA library.
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