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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Exercise 1. Building a Process Application using ProcessDesigner in BPMv8.0.

Exercise 1. Building a Process Application using ProcessDesigner in BPMv8.0.
Process Designer
What this exercise is about
This exercise covers how to build process application and its elements using Process
Designer in BPMv8.0.
Testing the Process App using the ProcesPortal
What you should be able to do:-
At the end of the exercise, you should be able to:
• Create process application in Process Designer
• Create BPD(Business Process Definition)
• Create business objects
• Create a Human service using the human service in User Task
• Building Coaches for User Interface.
• Create the variables and its types
• Define Data mapping for BPDs and business objects
• Create Server script,and wiring the components
• Testing the Process Application using process Portal .
Case scenario

• In this exercise, you create necessary process elements for a project in which a
process can get the customer details from web interface and log those details to the local
1. Start Process Center __ a. Select Start Programs IBM WebSphere Process
Server 8.0 Profiles Process Center Start the Server

2. Wait for the server to start, which can take a few minutes. While it is starting, you
should see this window:
3. When the server startup completes, you will see some additional messages in the
window and then it will then close automatically. When the window disappears,
you are ready to continue

4. Start Process Designer
a. Start Process Designer by clicking on the Process Designer icon from the
Windows Start menu.

 b. Enter the credentials
User Name: <your user ID> (default administrative user is ‘admin’)
Password: <your password> (default administrative password is
and then click the Login button.

 c. First, you need to ensure you are in the Process Center view. In the Process
Center view, you will see the tabs across the top.

d.If you do not see this then you are in the Process Designer view. In the upper
right corner of the window, if you see a Process Center icon, click it to switch
to the Process Center view.