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Monday, 28 April 2014

Unable to Start Process Server due to Role Based Authentication Error

Cannot start the Process Server because of the following exception:-

I would like to share issue and resolving steps while starting process server.
Cannot start the server because of the following exception0000003f RoleBasedAuth A SECJ0305I: The role-based authorization check failed for admin-authz operation Server:getState. The user UNAUTHENTICATED (unique ID: unauthenticated) was not granted any of the following required roles: deployer, operator, configurator, monitor, administrator, adminsecuritymanager, auditor....


Receiving this error because the   fileRegistry.xml was outdated.(There are several reasons but it was  in my case for more details click on below link )

Resolving Steps:-

To resolve the issue I reset password by following below steps.
  • Go to the Installation directory .
  • Run the following wsadmin commands from the bin directory where admin is the server “ admin “ ID and “mahesh”is the new password to be used for the server:
$AdminTask changeFileRegistryAccountPassword {-userId admin -password mahesh}  

  • Double click on the process server in WID/IID and change username and password
  • Start the process server.
Note: - The above process updates the outdated file fileRegistry.xml .To find fileRegistry.xml  path go to below location.


Simple Way:- (But Not recommended)

  •   Go to the fileRegistry.xml directory path
  •     If you observe file  creation date(it was created  on 5/29/2013) .Open the fileRegistry.xml  and save the file as it is.    Start the process server with old credentials.
    Note: - The above process changes  fileRegistry.xml creation date .

 I hope this post helps you. So far this is my best effort to explain. Please correct me if it is wrong.
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