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Monday, 7 July 2014

SMO Contexts and Usage in Sub flows

What is SMO:-

Service Message Object (SMO) provides an abstraction layer for processing and manipulating messages exchanged between services.
Data passing through mediation flows is represented by the SMO.

Overview of contexts:-

The Service Message Object (SMO) context lets mediation primitives pass data between themselves that is not part of the message payload. SMO context objects are either user-defined or system-defined.

What are system-defined context objects?

The following context objects are system-defined:
failInfo: Context is used to hold exception information.
primitiveContext: The object contains information used by specific mediation primitives.
dynamicProperty: The object is used to override promoted properties.

What are user-defined context objects?

You can use user-defined context objects to store properties that can be accessed by mediation primitives later in the flow.
The following context objects are user-defined:
Transient: Enables primitives to pass values to each other in the current flow.
correlation: Enables primitives to pass values from the request flow to its response flow.
shared: Shares values between all branches of a flow.
user: Passes values not part of the message payload between the SCA components.

What is Mediation Sub flow ?

A mediation subflow is a pre-configured set of mediation primitives that are wired together to realize a common pattern or use case. Mediation subflows are run in the context of a parent flow, and can be reused in mediation flows or in subflows.
Use mediation subflows to reuse common patterns in mediation flows, and also as a way to group primitives in the Mediation Flow editor.
A mediation subflow can be created in a module, mediation module, or library. A mediation subflow must be used within a mediation flow. It is good practice to store subflows in libraries so that they can be easily shared between mediation flows in different modules.

Can We use Context Objects in Mediation Subflow?

You cannot specify a context element within a subflow. Context elements that are available in the parent flow are also available to mediation primitives in the subflow.

You can download PI  from below link(BPMv8.0)

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